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What We Do For Students

We give students real-world marketing and branding experience while fostering their creativity and impact in their communities.


Our Student Ambassador programs are 3-12 week paid programs where students are engaged in learning-based projects and marketing activities that are tied to brand goals.  


Whether you're a student seeking real-world marketing and branding experience as a Student Ambassador or someone looking for your next tour, side gig, or even a full-time hustle – we've got you covered!

Our commitment to providing diverse opportunities for individuals aged 18 to 118 makes us excited to welcome individuals like yourself to our community.

To get started on this journey, sign up on our portal and create your profile. This will be your gateway to a world of possibilities, allowing you to access and apply for a diverse range of events and experiences.

Once you complete our initial application form & your profile is approved, head to the event calendar in the portal to view and apply for the program opportunity. Check out this tutorial for guidanceIt’s that simple!