What Are Our Field Staff Saying About NMG?

"Fun event, great client and lead was top notch. My first gig with them hoping for many more.."

"Professional company, great communication & on-site manager hired!"

"I was paid quickly. The are the best! I loved doing Kodiak Food Truck Tour and I look forward to future events."

"Newbridge has great communication before, during, and after the event. Onsite expectations are very clear and management with our team was great!...You also feel very supported by the in-house marketing managers as well."

"Newbridge Marketing Group is one of the best if not the best premiere Marketing Staffing agency! Always have some of the best events and brands to represent! Great pay, great communication! This company is always A 5 Star rating! Go Apply Now!."

"Newbridge does its best to take care of professional BAs, they have some of the best clients and always choose events that are the most enjoyable, is it really work if you’re having fun?! Kirsten is the easiest to work with, highly recommend!"

What Are Our Brand Partners Saying About NMG?

"Perfect personalities…they were proactive and articulate in selling, related well to potential customers, cooperative and on time. Nothing other than positive."

"Just wanted to say how happy I am with your agency. I look forward to booking future events with your teams, and next time way in advance. Appreciate your time today. Have a nice day."

"I just wanted you to know that all of the other BA's have been great, and YOU have been great to work with."

"Our BA staff have both worked previous years and knew exactly what to do. They promptly jumped in wherever they were needed with little to no instruction."

"Thank you for sending us a wonderful staff. We are very happy with the team’s professionalism and performance. "